If you converted a Virtual Machine to a template in Proxmox, but then you realize you should not have done it, you can convert it back to a VM. The best option is to always rather create a full clone and then delete the template.

But, if you cannot create a full clone due to disk space constraints, or because you need to keep the IP that was originally assigned to the VM and worried it might change, here is what you can do to convert the template back to a VM:

  1. cd /etc/pve/qemu-server
  2. Fine your VM ID in this folder. Mine is 100.conf
  3. Then edit 100.conf using e.g. nano and remove the “template: 1” line
  4. Next, give Proxmox a minute or so. You should see your VM icon changing back to the way it was. Try and start your VM.

If you get a “permission dienied error” when trying to start the VM, find the disk IDs in that conf file you just modified and run this command (do it for ALL your disks):

lvchange -p rw /dev/pve/base-100-disk-0
lvchange -p rw /dev/pve/base-100-disk-1

Now try and start your VM again. This time it should work.

This was tested on Proxmox 8.1.3

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