type sudo blkid. You will get output like this:

/dev/sda1: UUID=”9081b56d-8715-49f3-a35d-529a39d5780e” TYPE=”ext4″ PARTUUID=”c8168d71-01″

/dev/sda5: UUID=”fbd90bd5-6b1a-4088-8569-0afbf0faebab” TYPE=”swap” PARTUUID=”c8168d71-05″

/dev/sdb1: UUID=”79a6887b-0168-464e-9507-84cc1233fcb6″ TYPE=”ext4″ PARTUUID=”c3072dd0-01″

/dev/sdc1: UUID=”4E65750852A3B04A” TYPE=”ntfs” PARTUUID=”000dfe15-01″

Way at the end is the NTFS drive. Now create an /etc/fstab entry like this:

UUID=4E65750852A3B04A /media/theexternal ntfs-3g permissions,nofail,auto 0 0

nofail means your pc won’t fail to boot if your external drive is not plugged in. 

If your drive wasn’t plugged in during boot, and you plug it in later and it doesn’t boot, enter the comman “mount -a” to mount all again (mount-a reads fstab and check where the drive is and where to mount it)

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