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Why use browser isolation?

Running an isolated (also called sanbox) browser in a container is a good idea to compartmentalize your browsing or to investigate a potentially suspicious URL.

There are commercial tools available from Cloudflare Zero Trust and Kasm Zero Trust.

Docker setup

This docker compose file will start the container and enable SSL so that you can access it using https://your_ip:5800

By default self signed certs will be used and the first start-up might take a while as DH keys are generated. After the first startup using SSL, things are nice and fast again.

The container will create its own self-signed certs which you can replace with your own certs. Check in your mount location under the “certs” folder.

version: '3'
    image: jlesage/firefox
      - "5800:5800"
      - "/your/folder/path:/config:rw"