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Terry has a Gou at Samsung

posted Jun 21, 2012, 5:32 AM by Thomas Prinsloo
The main man
Terry Gou really hates Samsung. Mr Gou is the CEO of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., aka Foxconn, the company infamous for bribing kids with Fizzers (the green ones) to work for them at 5 bucks per day (or something crazy like that) to build shiny iPhones. So why hate Sammy? Well, back in 2010 Samsung told on Terry when he was part of a gang of companies fixing prices on flat panels. Terry had to pay more than 400 million euro in fines. Sammy - scot free. Tsk tsk. Terry didn't take this lightly, and Asian revenge is sweet. He lashed out at Samsung, making it his life goal to destroy the Korean company before the day he dies! Well maybe not as dramatic, but he will definitely do a happy dance the day Samsung goes down. He dissed the Samsung Galaxy SIII and urged consumers to wait for the iPhone 5, which is "sure to put the Samsung to shame." 

Hmmm. At least we know the iPhone 5 will be able to attach files to emails thanks to iOS6. Revolutionary. 

In the mean time he also bought a bunch of shares in Sharp, cause he had money to burn and he wants to be cooler than the Koreans.