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Tap that

posted Jun 13, 2012, 10:42 PM by Thomas Prinsloo
We all love stickers. I love them. You do too. Now, you can have Samsung stickers! *
But seriously, the guys at Sammy decided NFC isn't getting enough attention, so they went on and made NFC enabled smart stickers, and named it TecTiles. Cute name. (Actually they just took something Sony made long ago and made it better)

What does it do? In short: You tap the tile, it loads up a set of preconfigured settings or tasks on your Android OS. Tap it on your work desk - vibrate enabled, Foursquare checkin made, Wifi on. Tap it on your nightstand - flight mode on, alarm set, silent mode engaged. Tap in your car - GPS on, 3G enabled, bluetooth on. Tap it wherever stickers are welcomed. You get the picture - a lot of tapping will be happening ;). It's sort of like old school profiles, with a cool twist.    

Apparently you can reprogram each TecTile 100 000 times. I wonder if that means the glue can restick that many times. It will work on select Nexus, Galaxy SII and SIII models.

*Sticker album not included.