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Joe drops the 8 bomb

posted Jun 21, 2012, 10:29 PM by Thomas Prinsloo   [ updated Jun 21, 2012, 10:34 PM ]
See the smirk on this dude's face…? This is Joe. Joe has run into an issue raised earlier on this site - that of desperately needing a clean pair of tighty whities. And since we have not yet published the article which details the solution to this problem, this man obviously has no idea what to do about it. Question is, was has brought such a disaster upon his life? 

He is seen here presenting and showing off Microsoft's shiny new mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. This article is not about the features of Windows Phone 8, or a comparison the it's predecessor Windows Phone 7.x. While Joe shared a few slides on their main 'aspirations' for WP8, like even more tiles on your homescreen, he basically said everyone calm down and just wait and see until they launch it around Thanksgiving. Whether we will be giving thanks to MS for giving us an epic new OS, or just to the red indians as per the norm, is yet to be seen. Hence the face.

They also whispered subtly that WP8 will not be compatible with current WP7.5 devices due to hardware compatibility. The best they can do for those okes is WP7.8. Shame, poor Nokia. Their Lumia 900 flagship won't even reach the ice berg to fail on its own, Microsoft just shot a hole in the hull. It's ironic, because MS was so adamant that companies stick to a prescribed hardware recipe to ensure future compatibility. Maybe they realized dual core isn't so bad after all. Woe is the Fins. 

While on Microsoft, while Joe was browning his undies in this room, next door a Surface demo by Redmond went horribly wrong when IE10 caught whiff of the stench and caused a lockup. Watch the fail here, and appreciate, meditate and gravitate how far MS has come since the 1998 demo at the start of the clip: